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Alev Güden | İngilizce Bölüm Sorumlusu

This is Alev Güden, or, shall I say “Ms. Alev” as my students call me? I started teaching English in Ankara as soon as graduating from Hacettepe University in 1999 and haven’t stopped since. I experienced living abroad in 2005. I moved to London, England, lived there for 6 years and after completing my studies, I got my CELTA and taught English there in language schools to international students. When I moved back to Turkey, I continued teaching in a private school. I love teaching, reading, doing yoga, going to the movies with my son, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Galatasaray and travelling:)

I believe English should be taught in a real life context and students should learn how to think in English rather than translating in their minds. Therefore, I try to choose my lesson materials from real life. In English lessons, we will be dealing with books, news around the world, different cultures, celebrities, movies, songs and a lot more. We will be doing fun projects and learn how to use the English language in a rather fun way.

Alev Güden